Semantic analysis

Du 23 juillet 2019 au 23 juillet 2022

Semantic analysis? What is it?

In an industry where customer experience is essential and customer feedback is a lever for improvement, the words that make up guest reviews are very important.

When a guest leaves a comment, the hotel needs to understand what the review is saying in order take the appropriate actions to achieve its objectives. The power of words is truly important, and the need for a semantic analysis tool to analyze them, to monitor and improve network performance is therefore key.

In a questionnaire, there are often two types of questions: open or closed. Thanks to the latter, we can use the data collected as satisfaction indicators. These indicators will make it possible to monitor the progress of a hotel, as well as to carry out internal or external benchmarks, or set quantified objectives. As for open-ended questions, they are a plus in understanding the satisfaction indicators.

The study of words used to facilitate the understanding of customer reviews has several advantages:

- Enable guests to express their feelings through open-ended questions giving them a space to express themselves freely

- Improve customer knowledge and set objectives based on customer expectations

- Give meaning to the indicators and therefore explaining the hotels revenue

- Strengthen and capitalize on satisfaction levers

- Transform these "words" into operational indicators in order to monitor performance

Qualitelis offers this semantic analysis tool! The tool consists in processing customer feedback and analyzing the words in each sentence. By grouping verbatims into categories according to their content, Qualitelis makes it possible to identify the topics addressed positively or negatively. Words such as "expensive", "price" or "rates" may, for example, be grouped into a single "Price" category.

Go beyond simply reading opinions – make the most of your reviews and consider each word used to get to the true meaning of your review.

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