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Do you know what your guest thought about his stay? At Qualitelis, we create an automated and tailored made questionnaire that allows you to collect the necessary information about your guest's stay. We provide you with a constant overview of your online reputation. Our platform allows you a constant monitoring of your online and real life. We offer real time alerts when negative comments are received so that you can respond to them ASAP. 
Did you know that there is a 70% chance that a guest will return if their complaint was handled correctly ?


When your guest leaves you, it's important to get their feedback. Our carefully codesigned questionnaire will allow you to collect relevant information based on specific criteria giving you your key strengths and your areas for improvement. The detailed feedback allows for first hand impressions and opinions, helping in the development of your services.

Our platform will accompany your guest for improvement by evaluating the satisfaction levels from both your personalised Qualitelis surveys and our competitive intelligence tracking system of your online public reputation.

Our platform regroups major public review websites
in one single dashboard to give you a broadr outlook on how your establishment is performing. The QUALITELIS INDEX calculates a weighted average of your satisfaction rates by combining score on major public review websites a,d scores from your own questionnaire.

Concrete & tangible benefits for you


  • You are keeping track of your online reputation and can directly compare yourself to your competitors
  • Automatic sending out questionnaires and analyzis the collected responses directly through Qualitelis' secure platform
  • Real-time warning if a guest is dissatisfied
  • Increased responsiveness to provide the appropriate responses
  • Increased the number of collected email addresses
  • Simple automation created via a connection with your PMS
  • All you need is an internet connection


Thanks to a prefilled TripAdvisor Widget, posting a review now only takes a few seconds. Your guests can easily share their experience without the hassle of completing multiple forms. Addes to the satisfaction survey; your customer feels valued and cared for. 

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