the quality of your services

With the Qualitelis platform, you know straight away what your guest liked or disliked deepending your understanding of your guest's stay.

This will simplify the identification of your key strengths and areas for improvement. You can understand yourself.
Giving you a clear plan of action and a sens of direction.

The collection of valuable data opens the door for new opportunities. 
We are here to help you analyse and exploit this data to improve your profitablity and reputation. 

Summary by group
of establishement

for a directed top-management.

Identication of your strengths and weaknesses 
through a variety of key questions and criterias.

Complaints organised
by review criteria:

giving a clear indication of the dissatisfaction sources to ensure
that they create a fair impact.

Concrete & tangible benefits for you


  • Optimised organisation of your plan of action
  • Possibility to create your own tailored indicators on you guest’s level of satisfaction
  • Tags configurable according to your needs
  • Get you staff involved


If the guest feel heard and valued, they are more likely to become repeat customers. 
Improvements will benefit everyone.

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